Volunteers are vitally important human elements that make any event great.
Volunteers are absolutely essential and necessary for the organization of any event that wishes to offer an adequate service to its participants and event quality.


It is evident that a Half Marathon without runners, without participants does not make sense. In the same way we can make a simile with the organization of the Half Marathon without the efficient and enthusiastic volunteers.

In the race the coaches, monitors, managers and athletes of the organizing club are involved in a disinterested manner, but the needs are greater. They need their relatives, friends of athletes, groups of friends, etc … Many repeat themselves year after year with us because the satisfaction of being contributing to increase the quality of the event and offer quality services. it comes from pride to everyone.

Volunteers with their contribution, with their work, with the spirit they transmit to us all, their help and involvement, are in most cases the image that participants take of many events. Volunteers are the essential human element to create a magical atmosphere, give vitality to the event, transmit that feeling to the organization of the Half Marathon of Elche. Excessive care of some aspects and forgetting about the necessary human warmth would be a mistake.

The functions that the volunteers will carry out in the Half Marathon of Elche will be very diverse and all very important. The only requirement to be a volunteer in the Elche Half Marathon is to be willing to collaborate and contribute the best of each one to make the event unrepeatable, helping and supporting the participants and giving quality and good treatment to those who run the event. Half Marathon of the city of Elche.

At the runner’s fair, in refreshments, race control, assembly and many more options to be able to collaborate with the Half Marathon. If you want to be a volunteer soon we will inform you how to apply to be part of the great team that is preparing the oldest Half Marathon in the world.

Become a volunteer!